Adventurous. Natural. On your own terms.

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you have just entered a webspace dedicated to adventurous couples madly in love

you have just entered a webspace dedicated to adventurous couples madly in love

Hello there!
idearium weddings is croatia - based elopement photo-video couple that lives for love and adventures!

We help you create and remember your love celebration in the most unique way.

On your own terms.

And with a pinch of an adventure!

Sounds like a plan? Well, we believe it is. 

Be it just two of you or your closest family and friends, your wedding day should be a time to remember – in a most positive way. We encourage you to experience the most important moments of your life in a unique place, at the time you feel is right and with your loved ones. We believe the best way to do it is to have an adventure elopement or a small, intimate wedding.

It is about love and it is a big deal. It is about this feeling that everything is right and beautiful. 

That it is really yours.

Make yourself a favour and choose intimate wedding or adventure elopement where you focus on your emotions rather than someone else's expectations.

think about it.

experiences over things.

meaningful ceremonies in unique locations over big stressful weddings.

unstaged. creative. eco-friendly.

we believe the best memories in life are made of epic experiences and we are here to help you make these memories real.  

Discretely, fiercely and honestly.

We are all about Love, Nature and Adventure - #loveandventures

Hello Adventurous Lovers!

We are Andrea & Mario – creatives, adventurers at heart and a long time couple, based in Croatia. Our passion is to capture love stories in natural surroundings. We are professional wedding and elopement photographer and videographer, available in Europe. But we can also be your elopement adventure guides so we naturally combine it into one amazing experience for both you and us.
We feel inspired by nature so we encourage you to elope on a remote location, in epic landscape, completely focused on each other.

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Why Adventure Elopement?

Did you ever experience the pure joy and satisfaction of doing something adventurous in amazing natural surroundings? And what if that adventure includes committment to the person you love? You have to admit, that is a special memory, one that you will want to revoke again and again through epic images and bespoke film. Not to mention you can revisit your special place in the years to come.

Our Creative Style - Inspired by Nature

No matter if it is intimate wedding or adventurous ceremony for jut the two of you, our aim is to create timeless imagery and film full of natural moments from your big day. We are here to support you but also to be invisible in certain moments. We tend to be creative with natural light, beautiful landscapes in background or tree branch in foreground. At the same time, we want you to be natural, to show your authentic self, no staging at all.

At the end of this experience, when you look at the film or leaf through pages of your wedding book, you will be able to revive the moments and feel the emotions you felt that day.

Moments of love in the most unique way

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original. adventurous. natural.
on your own terms.

Europe adventure elopement photographer, videographer team, based in croatia.

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