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Our main thing is wedding photography in Croatia as well as destination wedding photography and we really enjoy to document coolest weddings and craziest people out there. However, if you wish so, we can also make short wedding films that will be unique memory for the years to come.

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black and white photo of couple photo session on in the sea near Dubrovnik 10

meet the team

9 facts about Your Wedding Photographers

#1 Fact
We are a long time couple and we always shoot weddings together. We understand each other well and often compete who will get the 'shot of the day' 🙂
#2 Fact
We tend to be creative in all sorts of things so we like to experiment with various media. Expect to se some double exposure or GIF of yourselves sometimes.
#3 Fact
In wedding photography & cinematography we use prime lenses only and of course each has its own favourite: Andrea's favourite is 35mm while Mario is addicted to 20mm and 50mm lenses.
#4 Fact
In the summer we are guiding tours hosted by our small adventure agency 'Life and Ventures' (so available wedding dates during summer are limited). We are more than happy to host you on one of our tours - just for hanging out or for an engagement photoshoot 😀
our adventure agency
#5 Fact
We are coffee lovers and pretty addicted to the coffee smell, we always have our IKEA travel mug with us. So if you want to meet us better or discuss wedding photography tips, we can have a chat over a cup of hot black liquid.
#6 Fact
We love to travel and spend time in nature thus we are happy to shoot adventurous engagements or couples on the high peak of the mountain. Our favourite country is hard to select but besides Croatia, Scotland and Ireland are special to our hearts. We would love to photography a wedding on the green fields of Ireland.
#7 Fact
We like to wear rock climbing outfit but we respect your wedding dress code 😀 Weather it is black tie or all white, we will distinguish from the rest of the guests only by our photo gear 🙂
#8 Fact
Wen we want to escape from al the wedding photography background work and just relax and contemplate in the nature, we head to the Croatian highest mountain Dinara for few days in the mountain hut of Mario's grandparents. No signal there 🙂
#9 Fact
We write photo stories for Outdoors magazine and recently we adopted two stray cats that are now our everyday companions. They like to do photobombs in every occasion possible.


Our Wedding Photography Packages, Simplified

Couples & Engagement Photography

If you want to have a memory of certain point of your life when you travelled together somewhere, or you want to make spontaneous engagement photos

Wedding Photography in Croatia and other destinations

You need wedding photographer in Croatia? Or you organise destination wedding and like our style? Elopements for few hours or all day long weddings, we are in. The most important is that you enjoy this big day carefree, and we will make some epic photos

Kids & Family Photography

Short photo sessions with kids and family can be fun and unique memory. Also very cool idea for a gift to a friend or family member


3 more things to have in Your Wedding Photo Bag

idearium wedding books 1024x1024 - Info

Fine Art Wedding Books

Hardcover with minimum 60 pages and nice selection of covers, carefully designed by us and delivered at your doorstep.

idearium polaroid pack 1024x1024 - Info

Wedding Polaroid Package

Take advantage of instant photos made by your guests during the big day. Cool reminder of your guest’s same day impressions.

Idearium Weddings Invitations Design - Info

Wedding Stationery

Yes we can design and print invitations for you. There is a gallery of templates to choose from or we can make custom designed invitations.

frequently asked questions

top 10 questions couples want to know

1. Will there be one or two persons of your team at our wedding?
Both of us will be with you on your big day. If you want a wedding movie, there might be an additional person with us.
2. Where are you located? Can I book you for a wedding abroad?
We are located in Croatia, halfway between Split and Dubrovnik. We are more than happy to travel so let us know your plans.
4. How do you manage the prepayment for your work?
We ask for 100eur prepayment in advance and the rest in the week following the wedding. All the details will be described in the contract.
5. How many pictures of our wedding will we get? Are they edited?
We normally deliver 300-800 photos depending on the package. They are all edited in our own presets, some in colour and some in black&white
6. When will we get the photos after our wedding?
You will receive all edited photos in print resolution as well as in private gallery within 6 weeks from the wedding day.
7. Can we meet before booking?
Of course. Fact #3 in the About us section 🙂
8. How does online gallery work?
You will get access to your private gallery with all photos in screen resolution. Photos are without watermark and you can invite guests to the gallery, share photos,... you can see how does it look like in our client section.
9. Can you make family/posed shots for us?
Of course, family photos are a must 🙂 the best is to arrange time and place for these in advance so you have all family members together and no one will be missing from the photos.
10. Can we order wedding book and in what time frame?
You can order wedding book at the time of the booking or after the wedding. Actually you can order it anytime because we keep your print resolution photos on our cloud.