Where to stay for your elopement in Croatia

Hi there, we are Mario & Andrea, adventure elopement and intimate wedding photographers based in Croatia. We love to travel around the world, however, Croatia has a special place in our hearts and we are excited when we hear from a couple interested in planning an elopement in Croatia. Being locals and having traveled all around the country, we have so many useful resources to share, and one of them is where to stay for your elopement in Croatia. And not only to stay, while researching we guided ourselves with the idea that these locations can serve as your backyard elopement venue in Croatia.

If you did any research at all ‘where to stay in Croatia’ you probably got a headache. Croatia is a popular tourist destination so there are millions of accommodation options. Not to mention summer crowds on some hot spots, which can ruin the experience if you book your perfect place in the middle of a busy street. However, when planning an elopement, most people are in search of something, special and unique. Because the whole elopement experience should be original and should reflect your lifestyle. At the point people decide to elope or have a really small intimate wedding, that is a game-changer and elopement planning is completely different than a regular wedding. Eloping couples, especially adventurous couples, are doing things differently, they are more flexible and not sticking to rules (like how many people to invite, how to celebrate elopement, weather conditions, last-minute plans,…) so naturally, they do not normally book large hotels and resorts because that simply does not fit the idea. Where to stay for an elopement tends to be very thematic and personal. If the couple plans to do a backyard elopement, this place should reflect their personality. 

So to make things easier for all of you planning an elopement in Croatia, we’ve rounded up a list of places we think you might be interested to stay in for your elopement or places that might be a great idea for a backyard elopement in Croatia. As Croatia is versatile by the landscape, it also has a versatile offer regarding unique accommodation. At some of these places we have been before, but some are completely new to us and we stumbled upon the while making a research for this article.
The whole list of where to stay for your elopement in Croatia is divided by themes. We collected the lodges based on our personal feeling. There were 2 conditions that each lodging has to fit:

1. A place should be that special that it can inspire us in so many ways

2. By closing our eyes, we can imagine great images there. For example getting ready or elopement ceremony.

We did not write much of description, rather give you the general idea and link straight to the site’s webpage or booking page.

Places to stay for your elopement in Croatia


Obonjan Island

Bell-Tents and Forest Lodges between pine trees really make the amazing elopement location near the sea.

House Plage Cachée

A hidden glamping tent on the Hvar Island, surrounded by the pine forest.

Cadmos Village

Cadmos is an adventure park in vicinity of Dubrovnik which also has a beautiful tree house.

Plitvice Tree House

A village full of tree houses, lake houses and tipi tents. Few minutes ride from famous Plitvice Lakes and Waterfalls (National park area).



A mountain hut which is owned by Mario's family for generations. Place of serenity and immense beauty.


This mountain shelter in Nature Park Velebit is perfect for an adventurous elopement weekend!


Traditional house near Kupa river not ony is beautiful itself but is located in beautiful nature and it is convenient place if you want to go kayaking.


A perfect place to stay, relax and elope in Gorski Kotar.



Lighthouse-turned-vacation house in Vir with beautiful sea view and scents of pine trees.


A dreamy lighthouse near Korčula Island. Having a lighthouse and a small island just for yourself. Cool, ins't it?


The amazing reef in Dubrovnik bay, and a small stone lighthouse on it is on of our top places for elopement on the sea.


Boškinac Winery

Surrounded by greenery and with amazing restaurant, Boškinac Winery and family hotel on the Pag Island is among our favourites.

Roxanich Winery

Great place for wine lovers located in picturesque little town Motovun in the heart of Istria.

Old Tower in Hvar

The tower is something really unique you will find in the area and it's facade is a great photo backdrop.

Agrotourism Duvancic

Yep, you can sleep in wine barrels here. Duvancic family presents you the reallife and ethno heritage of Central Dalmatia.

Villa Humac

Preserved village and villa in Humac is surrounded with lavender fields.

B&B Grič Trpanj

This B&B 19th century villa in Trpanj is completely preserved in old style indoors and has beautiful large gardens.

So that’s it for now. Did you like any of our recommendations? We will make sure to update this post often with new, fresh accommodation options that inspire us. If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments.


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